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ACTOR/SINGER/MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER Angelica is an advocate of empowering & uplifting women; INSPIRING PASSION via DRAMA, POETRY, MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKING, & LEADERSHIP. DEFINITION OF A RENAISSANCE WOMAN: - broad intellectual interests -accomplished in areas of both the arts and the sciences. -sets her own agenda for personal achievement -will not allow herself to be manipulated or intimidated -created for such a time as this -embraces her destiny as a challenge and not a curse, no matter what her personal circumstances The purpose of this blog is to act as a means of organized documentation of my ever-evolving professional endeavors (& some inspirational quotes here & there). It is sort of like a keepsake in which my dreams are held. Stay awhile :) Follow @_ALJTheArtist
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Matthew Murphy took good care of me! :)


I keep…
Keep on dreaming, keep on achieving, keep on believing

I keep on…
keep on living, keep on learning , keep on smiling ooh ooh yeah
Keep on laughing, keep on living, keep on loving yeah

I keep…
Keep on dreaming, keep on believing, keep on achieving.

Jill Scott “I Keep”

Via bus. :) & I feel like that artist who spends their last for a one-way ticket to their dreams. Please send your blessings! Preparing my heart & mind to leave it all on the floor! Let’s do this! ~iNSPIREPASSION~

Hairspray @ Live Arts, what a great run! I will miss everyone dearly! I was blessed to work with such an enthusiastic cast. They kept me motivated when I did not feel like finishing my homework for summer classes, when I was sick and when being away from home seemed unbearable. It was such a pleasure working with all the cast and crew. We have many great memories!

Nonetheless, on to the next one… (Assistant Stage Managing Spring Awakening at U.Va. Drama)


(I’m: the middle dynamite, girl in the pale green sweater bottom right corner, annnd blocked in the Flash Mob photo :)

Hairspray Flash Mob Downtown — so fun!

Friday marks 2 weeks before Hairspray opens at Live Arts! (July 13th-August4th)!! I am super excited because we’ve been working hard & an audience always brings so much surprise into the mix! Currently in rehearsals… many pics to come! Perhaps I’ll post them on Friday— the 2 week mark! Be back soon! Until then… live your dreams (even if it means extra-hard work & sleepless nights)…


(badly taken photo of our poster that I saw on the street- haha. I’m in the red dress!)


I am still so surprised at the one 17 year0old audience member who asked me, at the end of the show, “Who is the character that you were playing?” You know what, I will give you all the conversation practically word for word:

17 yr. old girl: Who is the character that you were playing?

Me: Oh, Gary Coleman!

17 yr. old girl: Who is he?

Me: You don’t know who Gary coleman is?!

17 yr. old girl: no (with a serious face).

Me: Poor baby, how old are you?

17 yr. old girl: I’m 17.

Me: Oh, that’s probably why you don’t know. He was a child actor in this old sitcom show called “Different Strokes”. Ever heard of it?

17 yr. old deprived girl: No. But you did good though.

Me: Thank you! Look him up on YouTube! Everything’s on YouTube! & afterwards, you might understand all of the jokes!

(17 yr. old girls walks away, while I, and everyone standing around me, are left stunned and speechless).

Has this show become outdated?!

Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed working on this show and performing this every night! I had so much fun & really developed a close, family connection with the rest of the cast and creative staff! I’m going to miss everyone.

Hopefully Gary and I will meet again (& hopefully w/ a bigger budget!). More pictures & videos to come!

(via tiqur)



HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’s day!! Even on our special day, we women work til the job is done! That’s inspiration for ya!

(photo: Ayesha Abed Foundation, Bangladesh)