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ACTOR/SINGER/MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER Angelica is an advocate of empowering & uplifting women; INSPIRING PASSION via DRAMA, POETRY, MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKING, & LEADERSHIP. DEFINITION OF A RENAISSANCE WOMAN: - broad intellectual interests -accomplished in areas of both the arts and the sciences. -sets her own agenda for personal achievement -will not allow herself to be manipulated or intimidated -created for such a time as this -embraces her destiny as a challenge and not a curse, no matter what her personal circumstances The purpose of this blog is to act as a means of organized documentation of my ever-evolving professional endeavors (& some inspirational quotes here & there). It is sort of like a keepsake in which my dreams are held. Stay awhile :) Follow @_ALJTheArtist
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I’ve had this passport many years before knowing where and when I would use it. However, when I applied for it, I knew that: 1.) I wanted to travel and 2.) attaining a passport is the first step to exploring the world. Finally, I have discovered and earned the opportunity to travel abroad. Thus, I’ve obtained the first entry in my passport (finally)!

To where? Bangladesh

Why? To attend BRAC University for two weeks. If you have been following since I first started blogging, you may remember the post about meeting Dr. Fakhruddin Ahmed, the founder of BRAC and at one point he held the position similar to a Prime Minister in Bangladesh. Well, now, I get to go to his native land to learn about how the world’s largest non-government organization (NGO) operates. In addition, I will make great connections and discover how I can apply the systems and strategies used to generate economic increase (even for the poor) in Bangladesh to non-profit and social enterprises here in the “States”.

Obviously, I’m super excited and cannot wait to share some of my experiences with you once I return!

Perhaps I’ll receive word about auditions in Bangladesh, too. :)

~Renaissance woman at her finest~

!iNSPIREPASSION! (more posts to come) 

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